Introducing OnModel - The AI fashion model app for Shopify clothing stores

OnModel - Fashion AI Models

As a clothing ecommerce store, you know the importance of high-quality product images in driving sales. Generic supplier photos just don't cut it in today's competitive e-commerce landscape. Every other store is using the same photos.

Google, Amazon, Pinterest and ecommerce marketplaces do not appreciate stores using the same images for the same products. Stores using the same images have their SEO and rankings impacted as each platform prefers to show diverse images to their users. This is why it's important to differentiate your supplier provided images. Traditionally you would have to order samples of your product and do a physical and expensive photoshoot. But now with AI you can create new photos with the click of a button.

The OnModel Shopify app automatically generates professional model photos to help you boost sales and stand out from other stores using the same generic stock images. OnModel leverages generative AI technology to create photorealistic on-model product images for your merchandise enabling you to create brand new images from existing supplier photos.

OnModel Features

Model Swap: Replace generic supplier photos with a diverse selection of AI-generated models.
Magic Face Reveal: Automatically generate model faces for cropped images.
Tshirt-to-Model: Transform flat lay or ghost mannequin T-shirt images into realistic AI-generated models.
Batch Mode: Upgrade the photos of your entire store in bulk

Key Benefits: Instantly generate professional photorealistic model images. Showcase clothing on a diverse range of models, reflecting different ethnicities, body types, and styles. Stand out with unique model images that differentiate your store from competitors. Save time and money – no expensive photoshoots required.

Change models in photos with AI

Why Dropshippers & Boutiques Need OnModel

Product images can make or break a small business especially when considering search engine optimization (SEO). With OnModel, you can leave behind reused supplier shots and elevate your store's perceived value. Showcase your products on a variety of models, creating a premium and trustworthy feel that resonates with your customers.

Visually engaging images attract attention and foster a connection with potential shoppers. Customize your models to match your audience, leading to higher clicks, conversions, and greater success for your brand.

Start with 50 free model swaps.

Upgrade your product photos by installing by OnModel app on Shopify on the page linked below:

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